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Anytime you feel like eating a sweet treat, do you think of chocolate covered beans. Then we are the proud creators of those perfect treats. We are a company dealing in Tea and Coffee for a very long time. Our products are famous all over the world for their great quality, safe and hygienic manufacturing and packaging process and the fantastic varieties. People across the world admire our products, which are tea and coffee based.

Our innovative techniques have helped to hone our skills and launch many new combinations in the market. Another relatively new but popular product is the chocolate covered beans. These are coffee beans encased in an outer covering of smooth chocolate.The chocolate can be dark chocolate, white or milk chocolate. Thesealso come inmany incredibleflavours, like mint and raspberry and more. Our production values are very high and we adhere to all safety and hygiene norms while creating these sweetmeats.

These are available online as well as in retail stores.We ship these to all countries, even though a small shipping charge may be applicable at times. Our products are the best ones in the market. This is the result of years of research to create the perfect combination of coffee and chocolate. Butwe did not stopthere. We continue to innovate and create newer flavours. The entire process ensures that you get the best possible taste in these heavenly sweets. So what is stopping you now? Go ahead,buy a pack of your favourite flavour now. You can also use these beautifully packaged treats as a gift to a special person. But we guarantee you thatyou will enjoy this treat anytime and anywhere.



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