Blast Of Taste –A Small Bean With Chocolate


Some peoplefind the idea of bitter bean-shapedseedsencased in chocolate a strange combination. But only until they get a chance to taste chocolate coffee beans. Most people who like coffee or chocolate, swear by the amazing combination of this confectionery. It is like having a cup of mocha, the blend of coffee and chocolate. but this strong taste slowly melts in your mouth and tantalizes your taste buds.These are coffee beans sourced from the best plantations in SouthAmerica, mostly from Columbia. The beans in this confectionery is mostly a variety called Arabica. This variety is less bitter and has a sweet taste and a stronger aroma. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for making it into candy, though the dark chocolate covered beans are slightly more bitter than the other varieties like the milk chocolate or white chocolate ones.The combination of chocolate and coffee makes this an ideal snack or dessert. They have many health benefits as well.

Flavonoids in dark chocolate and polyphenols

in coffee create a fantastic combination of antioxidants.

These,in turn, counteract against

he free radicals that are produced in our bodies.

This process helps to keep our body free from diseases.

So this amazing creation is a double bonanza of 'a dessert that keeps us healthy'. These two ingredientsalso help to reducethe blood pressure, improve blood circulation and increase good cholesterol.Both chocolate and coffee contain chemicals which release neurotransmitters in our brains.
these help us feel happy and energized.All these feel-goodfactors are associated withasmalltreat that is created with love and care.There are people who worry about the fat content and caffeine in this sweet. So let us analyse that. The average cup of coffee contains a good amount of sugar, fat in the form of milk or cream and of course caffeine. Similarly, chocolates, whether in the form of edible treats, syrups, toppings or in desserts contain a considerable amount of sugar and fats. But when it comes to these sweet little things, each candy-sized concoction contains only one coffee bean. It is mostly encased in dark chocolate which is not very sweet.
So this is a sweet treat which does not have too many calories or fat or caffeine. We must remember that it is a sweet treat and not the main course of a meal. So if youeata few Chocolate covered beans once in a while. There is no harm. Moderation is the key to a balanced diet and these could a part of that.If you are pregnant or have been asked to stay away from one or more ingredients contained in this, then it is better not to indulge in these. Too many of these may also cause symptoms similar to having too much coffee or chocolates.
Then there are people who are allergic to one or more ingredients contained in these. Before popping one in the mouth, it is always better to check the list of ingredients. Some people might be allergic to milk solids, the coffee bean or chocolate or to the wholecombination.
If you see any symptoms of anallergy, like wheezing, itching, hives, stomach cramps, vomiting or a headache, you must immediately stop the consumption of these chocolates and seek professional medical help.Coming back to the positive aspectsof these sweets, you can have them anytime of the day. Just pop one and enjoy it. Alternatively, you can use it as topping on a dessert or ice cream. Try having it with your regular cup of coffee to double the enjoyment.
Columbia, Costa Rica, and other SouthAmerican countries, which are famous for their coffee plantations. The finest Arabica or Pea-berry seeds are used to create these sweets. The cocoa is also sourced from the finest producers of cocoa beans.
Then these two are blended under strict supervision. The beans are slow roastedto perfection to get the best colour and aroma. The chocolate is melted in the perfect ratio, depending upon whether it is dark, white or milk chocolate. The flavours if any are added now. Slowly the beans are encased in this molten chocolate and allowed to cool. The entire process is hygienic and done very smoothly. And voila, the perfect anytime candy is ready!



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